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Instagram Accounts to Watch:  Meet Garrett, the creator of Gare Indeed Reads

Instagram Accounts to Watch: Meet Garrett, the creator of Gare Indeed Reads

If you have been on Instagram for any amount of time, you have certainly seen the amazing casting posts created by Garrett of @gareindeedreads.  Authors adore him, his reviews are intelligent and descriptive, and he is as kind as he is hilarious. His posts are unique and I love the Hollywood element that he brings to bookstagram with his actor/actress choices.  We connected last year when we attempted to crack the identity of Riley Sager before his release of his incredible thriller, Final Girls and we have been talking books and garlic bread ever since.  Garrett is an avid thriller and mystery reader and I was so excited when he agreed to take some time out of his day and sit down with me and talk about his creative process.  

1)  Tell me what a day in the life of Garrett  looks like.

Monday through Friday is usually pretty hectic for me. I work full-time as a Recruiting Coordinator for a staffing agency, so I usually wake up at 7AM and work 8:30AM-5PM. I have weekly plans with friends and family on usually Tuesday through Friday, trying to sneak in as much reading time as I can before I go to bed around midnight. I would say that with a heavy social calendar, it’s harder for me to read during the week, but I do like to aim to complete at least one or two books throughout the week. Once the weekend comes, I do like to take time to relax and try to read two books between Saturday and Sunday! 


2)  What genre are you most drawn to and why?

I am 100% drawn to mysteries, thrillers, and psychological thrillers. Growing up, I used to love mystery and thriller movies, so it was only natural for me to follow that genre within my reading. I am nosy and I want to know it all. I love diving into a completely different world and try to guess the ending. It’s like a huge escape for me as I don’t live a terribly exciting life and as far as I know, I’m not being stalked so getting to live that excitement throughout a novel is something that will completely take over my mind if I need a good escape. With psychological thrillers, I love getting to the bottom of what people are thinking when they do the things they do and kind of getting to know what lead to be who they are. It’s just something I find completely immersive!

3)  What do you look for in the thrillers that you read?  What sets certain ones apart from the others?

I look for originality, atmosphere, and character driven thrillers. I’ve always been such a visual person that when I’m reading, I like to picture everything going on in my head. I want to smell what the characters smell, see what they see, and feel what they are going through. I think there can be a cookie cutter outline to a lot of thrillers and while I still find them enjoyable, it’s nice to find certain ones that kind of take you out of the box and do the unexpected. Like most readers who enjoy thrillers, I’m a sucker for a good twist, although I don’t think it’s something necessary for me to enjoy while reading. I guessed the ending to Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins and I still consider that one of my favorite novels. For me, originality and in depth characters really set a novel apart from others and if you bring in an atmospheric ingredient into the mix, it’s all the better for me! It’s especially helpful when I try to cast different characters in the novel as well.

4)  Your account is unique in that you cast the books you read along with your reviews.  How do you determine who you are going to choose?  Do you every duplicate actors?  

Honestly, casting the characters is my favorite part of the review process. It’s so much fun and sometimes I think I look way too far into it. When I’m reading, I make a list of the characters in the Notes app on my iPhone and come up with some ideas as I go along. To be honest, the reason I do this is because I think sometimes when you’re reading, you’re introduced to so many characters at once at times, it’s hard to decipher who is who in the beginning. To kind of help myself in the reading process, I started doing this a couple of years before I even created my blog and had this feature on it so I could tell the difference between some characters. When I’m reading, it’s sometimes difficult on who you choose, but I try to pay attention to their attributes. As mentioned before, I am a huge visual person, so I try to imagine who would do that character justice as when I read, I picture the novel in my head like it’s a film and it’s fun to kind of imagine who you would want to play that character if there were to be a film adaption. I think if you’re an avid reader and a fan of movies, when a novel you’ve read and loved is optioned for film, you can’t help but let the wheels start spinning as to who you’d want to be in it. I definitely duplicate actors and actresses when casting because I think it’s normal to see multiple actors play multiple roles in different movies, so why not in my dream casts? Sometimes, I do try to steer away from using people too many times, but other times I just cannot help myself. I’m a huge fan of Blake Lively, Kate Hudson, and Sarah Michelle Gellar so ideally I would love if they could be in every book I read, but that’s just not ideal…I guess! Haha.

5)  If you could meet any actor living or dead, who would it be and why?

Without a doubt, it would be Sarah Michelle Gellar. I have been a huge fan of hers since Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I think she is severely underrated as an actress. I mean, when she died in I Know What You Did Last Summer, I actually was sad…even if it was supposed to be a fun horror flick! I also really appreciate how down to earth she seems and how she keeps her personal life private. You never see her freaking out on the paparazzi or having to do with these huge scandals and I think that’s got to be tough in Hollywood. Side note, if you haven’t watched The Air I Breathe with her, Brendan Fraser, Forest Whittaker, and Andy Garcia in it, you are severely missing out. It’s such a beautiful movie!

6)  What is your dream job?

I’d love to work in publishing. I don’t care if I am answering the phones for a publicist, getting their coffee, or whatever they need. I just love reading and get so excited with new novels that I want to be right in the eye of the tornado. Other than that, a casting director is something that I have always thought would be so much fun when I was growing up. I mean, you get to work on this movie and decide who’s going to be in it. That seems like not only hard work, but something that would be so much fun and has always interested me.

7)  What is currently on your nightstand?

I am going to be starting The Other Side of Everything by Lauren Doyle Owens and I’m so excited for that! Other than that, I do have a few more titles on my nightstand for my January TBR that I am determined by all means to complete. With the holidays ending, I kind of fell off the radar a bit with my reading, so I have to make sure I get back in the swing of things for the New Year!

8) What is your guilty pleasure?  

Definitely television. Sometimes, I come home an my brain is just so fried I feel as thought I would be doing an injustice to my current read if I even attempted to dive in, so I will turn on some reality television or my ABC shows. I just caught up on 9-1-1 on Fox and LOVE it. Connie Britton and Angela Bassett…I mean you cannot go wrong! I also love my Bravo shows, especially the real housewives and Vanderpump Rules!

9)  What is something about you that people would be surprised to know? 

I actually have just begun working on an outline for a novel that I would like to try writing. I have about three different ideas for novels and had one of the three that has been locked in my head and I cannot stop thinking about it. Sometimes, when I’m going to sleep I create different characters and what I would want to happen that this idea just kind of blossomed into something I would really love to attempt to write. Fingers crossed I attempt it in the next ten years!

10)  What advice would you give someone just starting a book account on Instagram?  What has been your best experience on Instagram?  What has been your worst?  

Have fun. Don’t feel pressured into being a huge Instagram star and don’t worry about what other people think of you, just read what you love and post as much as you can. It’s such a great community and everyone is so supportive of each other. I’ve had a lot of people tell me that they feel pressured into getting ARCs (advanced reader copies) and always inquire how to get them. I usually recommend to build some content first with the novels you do have and then reach out to the publishers. I have had amazing luck with my blog and have gotten some great feedback from publishers and authors alike, they are so supportive and amazing to work with. My best experience on Instagram has been getting to know you and so many other bloggers. It’s like, I have found my people! I’ve had some fantastic comments from other bloggers, publishers, authors, and people who follow my blog that it’s just so heartwarming to be active in such an amazing community. As for my worst experience, I actually was completely mortified over the summer. I had read a novel that I was really looking forward to reading and while I don’t want to rip apart someones work, but I feel obligated to let people know what I think of a novel once I start it. I think as a blogger, you know that when you post your next or current read, at least one person will comment with “Let me know how it is!” With this novel, I just didn’t like it. It was completely different than what I thought it was going to be and the story really just didn’t work for me. So, I posted my review on my Instagram and my blog. I did not tag the author or the publisher as I felt that wouldn’t be very nice…well, I guess that didn’t matter because the author found my post (how? I am still unsure) and commented that they would try harder on their next one. I was so mortified and then a little annoyed. I am here to let people know what I think about the books I am reading and as much as I wish I could control it, I’m not going to love everything I read. I just felt the comment was kind of abrasive and I didn’t know how to handle or acknowledge it. I hope those situations stay in 2017!

11) What books are you most excited to read in 2018?

How much time do you have? Haha! My most anticipated one is The Favorite Sister by Jessica Knoll. I loved The Luckiest Girl Alive and I am so excited for her new one. Other than that, I am really pumped to read the new Riley Sager, Emily Carpenter, Tangerine by Christine Magnan, and the retelling of Macbeth by Jo Nesbo! I’m sure as we get farther into the new year, I will find so many other titles to be excited for.


To stay up to date with  Garrett's reviews and his casting choices, you can follow him on his instagram and on his blog.

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