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Lou Loves Literature

We rescued Louie from death row at a local shelter about 6 years ago.  He is 80 pounds of wrinkley couch potato and that is where he spends the majority of his time.  Apparently, it is Lou’s life dream to be a dog the size of a chihuahua and he conducts himself accordingly.  When he is not snoring on the couch, he can be found attempting to climb into any lap that he can find.  

 Louie is deeply loved by a little boy.  He patiently plays the part of Super Dog to my son’s Spiderman,  Yoda to his Luke SkyWalker and Dr. Rockwell to his Donatello.  It is a bond that every dog should have with his person and I love to watch them together.  Louie also provides silent encouragement to my son when it comes to reading.  While my son frustrates with me fairly quickly when we work on reading exercises, there is something about the reassuring presence of Louie that puts my son at ease.  Lou doesn’t judge.  Lou doesn’t mock.  Lou lets my son work at his own pace while basking in all of the individual attention he receives as he is being read to.  It is a beautiful thing to witness.    

This portion of my website will be dedicated to featuring local dogs and cats that are in need of adoption.  While Louie was very lucky to be rescued from his situation, he has rescued us right back through his love, his devotion to my family, his patience with my son and his overall wrinkley awesomeness.  

 **I am devastated to write that we unexpectedly lost our beloved Lou dog in January of 2018.  The animals posted here are all in need of homes and people to love them.  I post them in honor and memory of Louie and all the joy that he brought to us.

 Acadiana Animal Aid is an amazing no kill facility that works tirelessly to find dogs their forever home. You can visit their website by clicking here or head to their Instagram page to see their adoptable dogs by clicking here.

Petfinder is also another amazing tool to use to find animals in your area that need a home. Please click here to see all available animals who are looking for a forever home.